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What To Do Before Getting An EB5 Visa?

What To Do Before Getting An EB5 Visa?

If you are interested in getting an EB5 visa for entering in America, there are some important measures that you may want to take in advance. Luckily, you can do most with very little help from others.

Considering that the EB5 visa program will perhaps let you get to this country in a year, the preparations are infinitesimal in comparison to what you will actually get.

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Talk to an experienced EB5 consultant.

They should be able to provide you with a free consultation in which you’ll be told whether or not your business plan is solid enough to go further.

Most of the Regional Centers have an application fee which you need to pay, other than getting around 1 million dollars. It would be infamy to have this much money without having a business plan that’s up to the mark, so speaking with an immigration consultant is the first step which you must take.

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Refine your organization plan.

Even if the immigration consultant may approve your plan for making investments in The United States, there will still be a space left for improvement. Most of the people don’t get it right in the first attempt, especially when they are new to this business world.

Making sure it’s the best plan you can ever have is significant before going for the official interview that will define if you’re qualified for the US immigration EB 5 visa program. An impenetrable business plan can go a long way.

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Determine where you would like to set up your business.

If you have one million dollars to spend along with a special business plan that may work in any condition, you can select any place across the country to set up your business. However, if you have fewer amounts to invest, you’ll have to choose on a Regional Center.

Ensure you can find the funds.

While the EB5 visa doesn’t require that you get the cash, you have to show that you got it legally. It may be in the form of a gift, a loan, or your life savings, but you should be able to show it is legally yours.

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