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Important Google Analytics Metrics You Should Know and Understand

Important Google Analytics Metrics You Should Know and Understand

SEO is the most important tactic you need to follow in your digital marketing plan whether you are doing it by yourself or hiring an agency to provide the services.

It is crucial to understand which SEO metric you need to focus on to run a successful SEO campaign. Is it all about increasing the keyword ranking? Or is there any other metric you need to consider?

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SEO experts know that keyword rankings for any business are important. However, they are not the only metric to look at for the success of the campaign.

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Different SEO agencies have a different way of implementing their services, but they should consider these common metrics in order to get successful results.

Metrics that NEEDS Attention

Users: Number of users who visited the site during a set of specific time frame. For example, a number of visitors in last week, month or year.

If the visitor’s number is not increasing, then may be your SEO tactics are not working.

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One important thing you need to focus on is the new users. It is good to see the growth in the traffic continuously.

The users’ metric indicates the number of individuals visiting your site, rather than how many times they are visiting the site.

For instance, if the user visits the site 3 times, and another user visits it only once then this gives 2 unique users with the total 4 sessions.

Top Landing Pages: Pages of the website that users think is important based on their visits are considered as a top landing page.

Focusing on the top landing pages of the site will give a clear idea about the pages of the site which are performing well.

This provides you an insight of what information your users find useful and it also helps you in creating new content for your site.

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Conversion Rate: Number of visitors who have achieved the goal from the website.

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These goals can be in the form of purchasing, watching a video, filling the form and many more. This is one of the important and essential metrics you need to track as it tells how successful the website is.

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