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Pay Per Click

Pay Per click, or PPC, is an advertising technique for websites on search engines. Pay per click advertisements are usually textual ads placed as sponsored links near search results; whenever a website visitor clicks on that advertisements, the advertiser is charged an amount based on the keyword bidding.

Advertising model in which advertisers pay for click-throughs to their website. Ads are served based on keywords or themes.

Simply, an advertising system where an advertiser pays an agreed amount for each click delivered to his or her site from a link or listing keyed to a specific search term, area of a site or even a banner. Related terms: Cost per click (CPC), Paid inclusion, Paid listings.

An ad pricing structure by which the advertiser pays the publisher according to how many times an ad is clicked on by users (see Cost per Click).

A search engine that determines ranking according to the dollar amount you pay for each click from that search engine to your site. Examples of PPC search engines are The highest ranking goes to the highest bidder.

Ad sales or affiliate commissions where a set amount is paid for each click on a promotional link.

A type of advertising price structure where the advertiser pays depending on the number of times the published ad is clicked on.

A pricing model to guarantee your ad appears in result listings for your specified search queries.

Search engines have almost all gone to some variation of this type of model. Users bid on specific terms and associate a maximum bid for a clickthrough. Overture, Google, and FindWhat are the largest.