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Why Saudi Arabia Is So Important For The US

Why Saudi Arabia Is So Important For The US

Saudi Arabia and the US are allies since 1945. It was started when US companies found oil in the Arabian Peninsula and want the government to share their interest. Saudi government agreed to this and asks the US to secure them from the neighbouring nation in return.

Reasons for Saudi and the US alley
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You can refer to Rob Sobhani post which showcases the significance of Saudi Arabia leadership. He describes his opinion on why royal Saudi leadership matter a lot to the US. What tactics does the US should employ in order to have a strong relationship with Saudi Arabia?

There are several reasons behind their actions. Some of them are:

  1.       Oil Supply and Prices

Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest oil exporter countries in the world. It possesses about 18% of the world proven oil reserves. Therefore they used to be lenient with them and neglect most of the crimes they do.

  1.       Military Contracts

Saudi Arabia has the third largest defence budget in the world. The US has signed a $110 billion arms deal with Saudi i.e. describe as single biggest deal in the US history by the White House.  

  1.       Regional Alliance

Saudi Arabia has worked with the US to counter the influence with Iran. The Sunni and Shia Muslim power have engaged in delegate conflicts across the Middle East for many years.

  1.       Trade and Investment

It was estimated that the US and Saudi Arabia trade is about $46 billion in 2007 and the US enjoy the trade surplus of $5 million itself.

Saudi Arabia is the biggest hope for the US to increase its trade and influence the world. Hence the US can’t ignore its ties with the Saudi.

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