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What’s The Difference Between Ceramic And A Porcelain Tile?

What’s The Difference Between Ceramic And A Porcelain Tile?

At the time of selecting the tile for the room in your house, usually we decide upon color and size matter but there are lots of other considerations that need to be taken care of.

Though, there is numerous types of tiles are available these days, it is you who need to find and understand that how tiles differ from one another, so that you can choose the best one for your space.

To cut short, pick among ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles, but do you know what is the difference between them? You can discuss about these tiles from renowned tiling Perth installation services, while hiring them.

Meanwhile, continue to read this article, since here’s everything you need to know about these three common styles of tile.

Ceramic tile is prepared from clay and is fired in a forge (kiln) and then a glaze is put on top. This is where any hue or pattern is added to the tile.

These tiles can be cast-off on both walls and floors. They are not as robust as porcelain, due to which they are very easy to cut down.

Note: They are not suggested for outdoor use as they can’t bear freezing temperatures for very long duration.

Alike to ceramic tile, polished porcelain tile is also created from clay. Not like ceramic tile, they are pretty stronger and can be placed where both food and foot traffic remains on the rise.

No wonder, they are a bit harder to cut than a ceramic tile.

While the color and design pattern is altogether imprinted onto ceramic with the glaze, the color and design of porcelain tile goes all the way from the top to the end.

They can even be used in outdoors as their rate of water preoccupation is comparatively low.

Do read out this post link to fetch more details associated with the correct tile installation in your house areas. Hope you find this article useful enough.

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